Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine, Nr Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 2HN

01983 730330

21st July to 1st September ~ daily 10am to 6pm 2nd Sept to 23rd Sept ~ daily 10am to 5pm 24th September to 19th October ~ daily 10am to 4.30pm

Overlooking the spectacular South West Heritage Coast of the Isle of Wight, Blackgang Chine is an eccentric mix of exciting rides, goblins and fairies, dinosaurs, nursery rhyme characters, cowboys and indians all set within rambling Victorian gardens and designed to appeal to the child in us all!

The very word “Blackgang” has a legendary ring about it, summoning up  visions of smugglers, shipwrecks and wild storm lashed shores.

In  1800 Blackgang Chine was a steep gaunt ravine situated some 500 feet  above the sea overlooking Chale Bay, on the S.W. tip of the Isle of  Wight. Stretching some three quarters of a mile down to the shore, it  was a wild and desolate place – frequented by none other than local  fishermen, during the mackerel season. There were also rumours of a  thriving smuggling trade!

By the late 1980’s, further dramatic landslips  were threatening the park and the company started to look for a second  site to operate. In 1993, Robin Hill was acquired and has since been  developed into a successful countryside adventure park. Blackgang Chine  continues to be popular with young families despite the coastal erosion.

We have lots of fun for the entire family, with rides aplenty, food galore and sites and sounds all over the adventure park you will want to come back again and again.

Below are a some details of just a few of our amazing attractions for all the family to enjoy here at Blackgang Chine;

Lands of Imagination

Restricted-vertVisitors to Blackgang Chine, the oldest theme park in the country, are in for a real treat this season with dinosaur fun galore planned for the enjoyment of all the family!

Enter through the gates of our new mystery enclosure ‘Restricted Area 5’ at your own risk! Marvel at the gargantuan scale of the new life-size moving dinosaurs and encounter the most realistic experience since time began. The journey through the ‘Restricted Area 5’ enclosure will bring you up close and personal with dinosaurs of all types including an Argentinosaurus, bigger than a double decker bus and the biggest animatronic T-Rex in the country – but only if you’re brave enough!

In this stunning replica of a Western town, you can walk through the double doors of the saloon, be a dastardly bank robber, visit the county jail, see the stables, inhabit a teepee, ride on a stagecoach and so much more. For the Cowboy or Indian in us all, Cowboy Town also offers an opportunity for refreshments while you play at La Cantina, selling burgers, soft drinks and snacks.

Pirate Cove was brand new in 2012, featuring an exciting sea battle between a pirate ship and a French frigate, complete with water cannons for classic pirate shenanigans! Pirate Cove also contains the Crossbones adventure play area, a whole network of ships, crow’s nests, ladders and rope netting to explore, a pirate shooting gallery and our famous talking parrot: see what you can get him to say!

Thrill to our enchanted land of fairies, find as many as you can! They might be hiding in the trees, you might get a glimpse of them in the grass. Take a stroll through our magical Fairyland and let your imagination run wild!

Bring your princes and princesses to play in the fairy castle, with turrets, walkways and windows to peek out of!



Humpty Dumpty, The House that Jack Built, the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe and Magical Toadstools galore, all your favourite nursery rhymes come to life in the wonderful Nurseryland, perfect for toddlers and above.


Step under the old bridge to meet the angry Dragon, the Liquorice Factory and the Weather Wizard


Fun Rides & Slides

Cliff Hanger-vert

This exciting roller coaster is perched near the edge of vertical cliffs, climbs to 400′ above the sea before dropping nearly 40′ in twists and turns reaching speeds of upto 35mph.

Minimum height to ride 1.1m.



Whether you choose the fast ‘over flows’, or the scary ‘plug hole’, Water Force is great wild fun for all the family!

Minimum height to ride 1m with an adult. (1.2m to ride alone)



Our Pirates’ Barrel ride is great fun for our younger visitors. As they spin round and round, the famous song, “what shall we do with a drunken sailor” comes to mind! And yes, parents can ride this one too!



Play the classic game of snakes and ladders at Blackgang. Follow the signs to go up and down the board on this real life game of snakes and ladders. Our slides and stairs allow your kids to experience this family favourite for real!

Minimum height to ride: 1.1m

Blackgang Favourites

water garden-vert

Lovely Victorian style Water Gardens, with water wheel, fountain, bridges and a variety of water plants.

This exhibition is about the World of Timber and the displays of traditional trades, working engines and woodland skills are set around a replica of an old water-powered sawmill. Imaginative, well conceived displays give an immediate insight into a rural industry now mainly lost forever.

Discover the Mill owner’s cottage, the wheelwright, the carpenter, the cooper and the Blacksmith as displays and commentary bring their story to life. Woodland skills are set around a replica of an old water-powered sawmill. Imaginative, well conceived displays give an immediate insight into a rural industry now mainly lost forever.

Presented by Dick Strawbridge, this new exhibition takes us on a journey to discover the secrets of our stunning and surprising coast. The best bit of any island is the edge and here you are at Blackgang where the land meets the sea and the adventure begins. Join Dick Strawbridge as we investigate the incredible goings-on that have made us the people that we are. This is the journey of our Island’s life time – This is Coast!

Included in this new exhibition is the story of the dramatic cliff falls and erosion that have caused Blackgang to be a disappearing Village as well as the incredible Victorian whale skeleton display!



Take in the extraordinary views of the coastline at Blackgang Chine, enjoy a picnic with fresh sea breezes and enjoy the wonderful expanse of this Heritage Coast.

Blackgang Chine Admission Prices 

Ticket Type Off Peak Price Peak Price
Standard (4-59 years) £16.00 £18.50
Saver (4 persons) £59.00 £69.00
Concession (60+ / Disabled) £14.00 £16.50
Under 4’s FREE FREE

Important! Please click here for all our standard entry terms & conditions.

Some indoor attractions & rides close up to 45 minutes before park shuts. Ride operating times, cafe facilities and shop opening times vary, depending on time of season. Last admission to parks is one hour before stated closing time.

Robin Hill & Blackgang Chine Joint Park Tickets

Robin Hill and Blackgang Chine offer a combined park ticket, allowing unlimited entry to both of the Island’s favourite parks for a 7 day period. Not only does this ticket allow you the freedom to visit as many times as you like, when you like within the validity period… but it also saves you money compared to purchasing tickets individually at each park… See below for our Joint park ticket tariff.

Ticket Type Off peak Price Peak Price 
Joint Park Freedom Standard (4-59) £27.00 £33.50
Joint Park Freedom Saver (4 persons) £99.00 £125.00
Joint Park Freedom Concession (60+ / Disabled) £25.00 £29.50
Under 4’s FREE FREE

NB: Joint park tickets can be purchased on the first visit to either park.

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