Mark Morey at The Three Bishops – Brighstone

Mark Morey Three Bishops

Today we talk with Chef Mark Morey of The Three Bishops, Brighstone.

 Today I am speaking with Mark the Chef here at The Three Bishops; Thank you for meeting with me for Chefs Corner today.

So let’s start off with you telling me a little bit about The Three Bishops…

Well I have been the Chef here for four years and The Three Bishops is a family pub serving good pub food from Chefs fare to grills, usual starters, ploughman’s, sandwiches, baguettes amongst many other things. It is a very warm and friendly atmosphere, very clean. We have a great bunch of locals that come in. Muddy boots, muddy paws, kids all are welcome at The Three Bishops!

Obviously you are cooking every day, so when you aren’t working here serving up delicious home cooked pub meals, where is your favourite place to eat out on the island?

To be honest I don’t really eat out much on the Island, if I do eat out it is normally when I am in Lymington visiting friends but if I do go out anywhere it would be the Spyglass in Ventnor.

What would you say was your favourite sin food?

It has got to be a Mr Kipling French Fancy!!! There is eight in a box and I share them equally with my Mrs, she has four and I have four. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Well your partner is very lucky, I love French Fancies myself, but my husband is lucky if I save him even a lonesome one, I’m afraid I am very much like Joey from Friends on that one, whereby I don’t share food…..

So what is the most eventful meal you have ever prepared?

Going back 7 years now, when I was working in Salties, I was cooking and I had Prince Harry and Prince Will walk in for fish and chips. Just literally out of the blue, we had a private booking for 30ish people, but they hadn’t given a name or any details or anything so we had no idea who it was going to be, then they just walked in. They only stayed for about half an hour, just long enough to eat really, then they left, just in and out…

So when you get home, are you fed up of cooking or do you cook at home as well?

I cook sometimes, but cooking at work all the time kind of puts you off doing it when you get home. So I either cook or we get a take away. Where I am always here late, I quite often eat when I’m here so my Mrs just fends for herself. If we do cook it is normal comfort homely food like Lasagne or Cottage Pie, just nice simple food.

As a chef what is the one ingredient at  that you could not live without ?

French Mustard, no question. Can’t live with out that I love it. Pretty much goes in everything

And your most overrated ingredient?

Cracked black pepper. I much prefer white pepper. It has a stronger flavour, you don’t notice it so much in your food as it is smooth and easy to mix in as you don’t get all the bits like you do with cracked black pepper. Say if you’re making a nice creamy mashed potato, put white pepper in and you don’t even see it, you just have a nice smooth creamy consistency. Aesthetically it is just much more pleasing to the eye.

So what is the strangest food request you have ever had?

I have certainly had some strange ones, but most recently it has to be a request for ham, egg and chips but without the ham or the eggs… so basically they just wanted chips and peas with a bit of salad…. still not sure why they ordered it that way, was quite odd. Once I also had a beautiful piece of grilled bass, and someone requested that I put pepper sauce over it which I thought was strange.

Was becoming a Chef something you have always wanted to do?

Not really no, it is something I just fell into. After school I sat around for a while and ended up going for an apprenticeship and became a Chef. I was quite lucky really as when I was 18 years old I landed on my feet and got quite a good job as a Second Chef. I was working with an old friend of mine, who was the Head Chef so it made my life so much easier and we used to produce meals well into their hundreds each service. Just like here really, in the Summer we can do 200-300 meals a day which is good. When I was younger I wanted to be a Vet, so was quite a strange jump from wanting to become a Vet to becoming a Chef. I did also considered joining the Services but by that time I had become a Chef and was really enjoying that so stuck with it and here I am. I still love the job, hate the hours though as it doesn’t leave a lot of time for family, but I guess that is just the nature of the beast. Luckily my Mrs is very understanding.

Who is the chef that you would say that you most admire?

To be honest I’ve got two; I think Gordon Ramsey for what he does. Not just in the catering industry but his money-making business skills are immense and he is just so clever. The other one is Heston Blumenthal for his scientific approach which I like a lot. They are such different styles and I just love the diversity of both of them, you can just learn so much and that is what it is all about. They both strive for perfection on a plate and then Heston Blumenthal just takes it that one step further in his innovative methods of cooking.

What would your idea of food hell be?

For me to eat? Salmon, absolutely hate Salmon, its greasy and nasty, absolute no-no for me. Salad prawns is another one they just taste horrid, I like King Prawns though, totally different texture and taste.

Do you have a favourite food that you consider to be healthy?

Healthy food…..????!!!!???? The healthiest thing I can think of that I enjoy, still isn’t really that healthy but, Beef Wellington. I suppose I don’t really mind a salad or a pasta salad, something like that, but healthy food isn’t really something I eat, I guess I am more of a red-blooded kind of foodie, lots of meat.

I can see you are exhausted from our intense interrogation of you so you’ll be glad to hear we have reached the end of the questions. Thank you so much for meeting with me today here at The Three Bishops in Brighstone. Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers out there?

The big niche we have got in the market is that we are Gluten Free and it is not like many places that say they are, when in fact they cook in the same oils and fats and food that aren’t Gluten Free, we actually ensure we keep one fryer separate for Gluten Free at all times and it has to be cleaned desperately to all other non Gluten Free things. Also our bread, we have been through so many different suppliers trying to find the perfect Gluten Free bread, we did try and bake it ourselves but we couldn’t get it quite the same as the supplier we have now and so we stayed with them, the bread is still nice and soft and pretty tasty. It took us quite a while to find it, but when we did we stuck with it as it really is good.

We have a new menu coming out soon and although perhaps 80-90% of our menu is Gluten Free, but the new menu will be entirely Gluten Free. Our specials board is Gluten Free too, the only thing that isn’t is our pies as Gluten Free pastry is an absolute nightmare, so that, unfortunately is not Gluten Free.

We love anyone to come and visit, if you haven’t tried us before come and give us a go, we have comment cards and we welcome all comments be them criticism or compliment. we welcome all feedback so we can develop our menu, see if something is working so we can stick with it, but if something doesn’t work we can change it.